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The Yam revisited, more interactive and more tactical!


No need of a paper neither a pen!

You play to fill in the grid and try to line up 3, 4 or 5 pieces of your color.


In turns, players can throw three times the die to make one of the combinations out of the mark boards.


It’s your turn to figure out the best choices to make to fulfill your goals or to counter attack your opponent’s aim. 


a game by Jacques Gardeil & Frédéric Sahut, illustrated by Stéphane Poinsot

for 2 players, from 7 years old - duration: 15 min

Includes: 1 board of game in wood, a baize mat, 24 pieces in wood (12 light ones, 12 dark ones), 5 dice, the rules of the game.



Yam Master Solo

Thanks to  PIERRARD for the rules


The basic rules are the same as the usual game, except for the following points :

At his turn, the player must :
 . put one of the 12 white  pawns on the board
 . take one black pawn as a penalty (if you can't place a white pawn on the board, you take one black pawn).

The game is over when all the 12 white pawns have been put on the board (a alignment of 5 pawns doesn't stop the game in this variant).


The player counts his points : 
 . +1 point for each alignment of 3 pawns,
 . +2 points for each alignment of 4 pawns,
 . +3 point for each alignment of 5 pawns,
 . -2 points for each black pawn (penalty)  he has.


The goal is to score as much positive points as you can !
The theoretical maximal scoring is : +14 points.
The theoretical minimal scoring is : -24 points.



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