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The famous bestselling funny game is back


At these bygone days, clans challenge ingenuity to build villages on a volcanic island in a steadily topographical change: in turns, players have a new triangular tile to extend the surface of the Taluva Island, or change its relief superimposing it on others already put in.


The expansion of the island allows its own villages to be glorified by adding temples and towers to its shanties but also to partially destroy the opponent’s hamlets and delay their quest of colonization. 


An amazing tactical and strategic game, easy to reach, with ceaselessly renewed games.


a game by Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, illustrated by Naïade & Manuel Casasola Merkle 

from 2 to 4 players,  from 8 years old - duration: 45 min

Includes: 48 times in thick cardboard, 100 buildings in wood, the rules of the game in three different languages.