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Adventure, Suspense, and Action!!!!



Legend tells of two priceless stones buried in the depths of Takara, an island just recently discovered.

These "Stones of Legend", once assembled, will offer eternal life to their owner.  Adventurers rush to the island, enticed by the legend but also by the promise of abundant resources and treasures. Every one of these “soldiers of fortune” dream of becoming the first to recover these legendary Stones!



Goal of the game


Each player leads a team of adventurers to mine the depths of Takara.

Chance events will affect discoveries of wealth and treasure.

As players advance, they must face the Takara Monsters, survive

rockfalls, and recruit additional help and experts as they constantly

gain more experience and knowledge of the island.  If one player

secures both of the Stones of Legend on his own then he will be

embraced by eternal life.  Otherwise, the winner will be the player who

has gained the most experience.



A game designed by Takahiro & Sayaka Amioka, and illustrated by  Naïade
for 2 to 4 players - Ages 8 and up - Play Time : 45 mn.



Components :.

  • 1 game board

  • 4 player boards (4 different colors)

  • 54 Gallery tiles:  18 Surface, 18 Intermediate and 18 Deep

  • 8 Chest tiles

  • 4Specialist tiles

  • 1 Sword tile

  • 8 Adventurer tiles (all different, 2 per color)

  • 4 Recruit tiles (all the same design, 1 per color)

  • 39 Kara coins (value of 1, 5, and 10)

  • 12 XP tokens (Experience) each worth 2 XP

  • 1 Fight die (4 Sword sides and 2 Hospital sides)



The box
All the components
The Specialists
A few caves
The Stones of the Legend
Sword & Die
A Player Board
Un Squelette
Un Coffre
6 Karas !
Box & Components
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
All the teams