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A dexterity party game that will make you laugh… and sweat!


Sombreros are round discs of the size of coasters.


To win a game of Sombrero, you need to be skillful in the catching up of Sombrero, a movement that players do many times during the round:

.we put down a Sombrero at the edge of the table, towards us

. we propel the Sombrero in the air slapping it from underneath

.the Sombrero flies away turning around and we need to catch it up in the air with only one hand!

.then we simply scream the word written on the side of the Sombrero (Caramba, Olé, Yéba, Yiiiha).


Do you get the movement? Well… let’s move to the general principle:


Players have many challenge cards in hand.

In turn, a challenge is given to a unique opponent, to all the players (up to 7), or to a team we have chosen.

To win the round, the player must win the challenge described on the card:

.catch up as many Sombreros as possible in 30 seconds

.the same, by the team and in two 30-second periods (you better well chose your team-mate)

.still in 30 seconds, send as many Sombreros as possible to the opposite team-mate

. don’t be the last to catch up his/ her Sombrero

.avoid at all costs making fall his / her Sombreros at risk of running (or making one’s team-mate run) around a chair on the other side of the room before going back to the challenge

. etc.


It is obvious that every time one doesn’t catch up one’s Sombrero, time is wasted to pick up, or even run to bring it back.


Great laughs and stress are guaranteed!


Any player winning the challenge picks up another challenge card to give to one’s opponent. The first who owns 6 cards is declared the winner! You have it, Sombrero is totally a crazy game, with nutty games, that make laugh but also sweat! 


a game produced by Alces and released in France by Ferti.