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The Sugoï Series !

Siam - Sugoï  Range


Is the trunk of the elephant stronger than the horn of the rhinoceros? The question is still hotly debated in the Kingdom of Siam.  The two powerful and proud species are constantly challenging each other around three  rocks to prove their domination.


To win the game, be the first player to push a rock off of the board. Either animal can push a rock but beware, if you want to push an animal facing you, you have to be superior in numbers, e.g. you will need 2 animals to push 1 or 3 to push 2, etc.


The simplicity of SIAM’s rules and the depth of its gameplay will please players of all skill levels and ages.


a game designed by Didier Dhorbait, illustrated by Biboun

for 2 players, age 7 and up - Play time : 15 min

Components : double-sided game board, 13 wood pieces, 18 stickers, the rules.