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Here we are in the United Kingdom of SIAM, in oldern days it was a real Shangri-La, earth of vastness where elephants and rhinoceros lived in peace for centuries.


One day, the earth trembled and SIAM got reduced to three regions surrounded by gigantic mountains.


Since then, elephants and rhinoceros have not enough space anymore to live; therefore these two species will mercilessly fight to prevail on both territories.


A fascinating puzzle game with a high quality finish.


To win, you must be the first to get a block of rock out of the board game.

An animal can drive a rock out but careful to push an animal that is facing you out, you need to gain the numerical advantage; you will thus need 2 animals to push one, 3 to push 2…


The simplicity of the rules of SIAM and its depth of play will satisfy all players of all strength and of all ages.


for 2 players from 8 years old - duration: 15 min

Includes: One board of game in wood, 5 elephants, 5 rhinoceros, 3 blocks of rocks, the rules of the game.