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Making a pizza has never been so funny!


Feeling like a pizza with bacon, a cheese pizza or a 4-seasons pizza?

Select your menu and try to impose your choice over your opponents.


In Pizza Party, each player puts a few ingredients and then all-together they cut the pizza in slices.


The aim is to have the majority in as many slices as possible, in order to replace your opponents’ ingredients with yours. The more the game goes on and the more the pizza is filled up. When your 16 ingredients are put in, you win the game.


Sharpen up your knives; will you be able to counter attack your opponents’ preparation?


Ready? Everyone sits down!


a game by Brian Powers & Greg Power

for 2 up to 3 joueurs, from 6 years old - duration: 15 min

Includes: 1 Pizza tray Pizza, 3 pizza knives in wood, 3 dice made of wood, 48 pieces, the rules of the game.