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Owners of PitchCar, you'll soon be able to become true expert pilots with PitchCar expansions.


You’ll create a vast number of tracks with weird new pieces:
   . Challenge your sense of accuracy with the chicane.
   . Hug a bend to pass your opponents or take the outer path with double-trajectory curves.
   . Fly over the track thanks to the two springboards (provided with a bridge and a tunnel, only in the PitchCar box).


You need the basic game to play


Includes: 12 rails, 4 double-trajectory curves, 1 chicane, 2 special long straights, 2 springboards, 1 booklet.

Make more various tracks thanks to eight new pieces: 


 . Keep your speed in the news 45° curves.
   . Make crossroads thanks to two special curves.
   . Take speed with two new straights.


You need the basic game to play


Includes: 8 rails, 4 45° curves, 2 curves for crossroads, 2 new straights, 1 booklet.



2 long straights


This expansion is a set of two long straight lines. Each long line is equivalent to 4 normal straight lines. Be careful, it's a very limited edition.


You need the basic game to play


Includes: 2 long straights.



The Cross


More diversity in your Pitchcar tracks thanks to 2 new parts, the 2 crosses. They offer many new possibilities (by placing or not the rails, the tracks can be very diffrent).


You need the basic game to play


Includes: 2 crosses