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DGT  960

Timers made for any 2-player games.


Universal clock in pocket format for any two-player games (Chess, SIAM, Go, Draughts, Backgammon…)


· Choose the initial positions of Chess960 at random


· Timer and Game Timer modes


· Increment & Period modes


The DGT 960 is the only chess clock in the world that is fictile and that can be put in the pocket. It is also the only chess that choses initial positions of the Chess960 at random. (Fischer Chess)


The DGT 960 is as complete as the “Pro” electronic clocks sold for €70, at a lower weight and size, but also at an attractive price.


It is easy to program and to handle. It has an option that adds reflection time, manual configurations for each mode and a large face with the possibility to adjust the contrast and to set an optional beep tone.


· Universal clock for any 2-player games (Chess, SIAM, Go, Draughts, Backgammon…)

· Time move & Game timer

· Time adding option


The colored design of the DGT Easy range is both solid and elegant. The clock combines high quality and absolute simplicity.


It is easy to program and to use. It equipped with convenient front buttons, a one-button reset, a light and large face, and an optional beep tone. It is possible to settle each player an individual rhythm. The DGT Easy is presented in a beautiful dark box, with two shades, black and red.

DGT  Easy +

The sister of DGT Easy

DGT  1001


DGT1001 White (with giftbox)
DGT1001 White
DGT1001 White
DGT1001 Black
DGT1001 Black (with giftbox)