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Bluff subtlety to hide your game!


Players secretly gamble at the beginning of the game on the arrival ranking of the 3 first horses (out of 5 in total).


In turns, each player moves a horse of his / her choice a number of squares defined by the die:


. he or she can shift the horse he/her gambled on to bring it closer to the arrival point, or make it jump the risky fences (special squares);

. but he or she can also shift a horse on which the player has not gambled: his or her goal is to get rid of it thanks to other players.

Be aware of special squares: they will put pressure on you and force you tot take risks.


The winner is often the best to bluff.


a game by Jacques Gardeil, illustrated by Stéphane Poinsot

from 2 to 16 players, from 7 years old - duration: 20 min

Includes: 1 board of game made of wood, 1 baize mat, 5 metal horses, 1 die, the rules of the game.