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The time of the conquest has come!

Your boxes are full, you will be able to recruit knights soldiers , build camps and catapults to conquer enemy castles.

The fighting will last four rounds, the four seasons of a year; as in all Clashes you will need a bit of luck but EPIX , it is mainly your temerity and sense of bluff that will make the difference.


And do not forget : Money is the sinews of war!


Epix is a very fun game, illustrated with "Pixel Art" by Naïade.


A game by Rikki Tahta, for 2 à 4 players - Ages 10 and up - Play time: 30 mn


Components : 1 duplex tray, 40 units, 34 cards, 35 coins, the rules.


ERRATUM: English and German Rules, Set Up section = 15 coins for each player.


Boîte 3D
Un chevalier
Plateau 4 joueurs & Matériel
Plateau 2/3 joueurs
Carte Spéciale "Attelages"
Carte Spéciale "Adoubement"
Carte "Taxe"
Carte "Recrutement"
Carte "Déplacement & Attaque"