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The dawn rises. You’re the first at the site. Your opponent is keeping you waiting: he/she is late for your dual. But it is time to settle your account with him/her, you were offended, and it is time to avenge the affrontEn Garde !


One of the most beautiful and playful successes Reiner Knizia ever created in a sumptuous material.


In a three dimensions setting, be quick as lightning to attack, do the parry at the right moment and be the first to touch your opponent five times. 

En Garde is a flowing and very dynamic game, fast to explain, easy to play to, which subtly simulates the fencing rules. Two levels of rules are given, for faster games or more tactical ones.


a game by Reiner Knizia, illustrated by Pierô

for 2 players, from 8 years old - Duration : 30 mn

Includes: 25 high quality Casino cards, finely sculptured fencer in metal.



Available in Version


Il n'y a aucun article à afficher pour le moment.