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A party game with crazy reflexes, to play individually or by teams!


In less d’un fifteen seconds, will you be able to say if you are a woman or not, if today is Tuesday, if it is raining outside? And of course, without missing out!


Here a few of the challenges the players must take up…


Chose one of your hands for “true”, the other one for “false” and approve a sentence (harebrained… or not) while putting as fast as possible the right hand on the central target. Careful not to get confused! 


a game by Julien Sentis, illustrated by Pierô

for 3 to 8 players, from 8 years old - duration: 20 min

Includes: 90 cards (356 challenges), 1 red target, the rules of the game.

Variety for the count of points (no pencil nor paper):


. points are counted up thanks to non used cards (there are enough in the box);

. at the beginning of the round each player starts with 5 cards, reverse side up;

. 1 collected card= 1 point counted up at the end of the round;

. when a player must win points, he or she must pick as many cards as necessary in the stack;

. when a player must lose points, he or she must give as many cards as necessary back in the stack;

. when a player has no more cards, he or she doesn’t give anything back (a score is thus never negative;

. conditions at the end of the game remain the same (round tables are set, 1st arrived has x points, etc.)