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An electronic and fun timer… up to 4 or 6 players. 


You find your team partners too slow?

You want to add a bit of dynamic to your games?

You would love to play your favorite games differently?


DGT Cube ™ and DGT Pyramid were made for you!


This revolutionary device is the first multiplayer timer supplied with an accelerometer that can handle 1 up to 6 players (4 for the Pyramid): you just need to make it turn on its color face (without touching anything else) so that the breakdown automatically starts while stopping the one from the previous player.


The DGT Cube and Pyramid start the breakdown of a player when its color face is turned up.


The DGT timers offer different ways to time the rounds:

  • Game timer: top down time per player for the whole game duration

  • Move timer: top down time per player for each round duration

  • Move timer + save: top down time per player for each round duration. The time not used is saved and added to the next player’s round.

  • Upcount: additional time per player.

  • Turn counter: it counts the amount of rounds per player.












DGT Cube & DGT Pyramid