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3 colors available!


A tactical and dexterity game for 2 or 4 players!


This beautiful game made of wood in France is a star in Canada.

Two players, or two teams of two encounter throwing in turns one of their twelve discs.

The goal is to succeed in putting your discs in the main hole, or to throw them the closest to the center in order to score points. 


To confirm your shot, you must necessarily touch an adverse discs (by ejecting it if needed) at risk of having yours off the tray.


Made of top of the range materials chosen with care, Crokinole is a must-have flick games, fun and very tactical. Besides, the surface of the game has been especially treated to get an exceptional slipping top.  


for 2 or 4 players, from 6 years old - duration: 20 min

Includes: 1 wood tray, 8 brass screws with protection, 24 pieces in wood.

Special rules for 3 Players : 


Each Player is using a set of 8 discs (one color per player).

As the base game, each player is using a shooting area (quadrant line).

The rules are the same as the base game, except for the scoring : at the end of each round,

players count all the points of the discs.


Use the red & green discs for the 3 Players rules!


Super Glisse Powder

The must-have!


Improve the pieces slide on

varnished and unvarnished boards.

no sratch.


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