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Only one shall remain! 


A corrupt city, subjected to vices and cupidity, is under the control of vile persons. The power is vacant, it’s your chance to take over.


In secrecy, you have at your disposal two persons and cunningly, manipulation and spiel, you will have one obsession only: get rid of anyone crossing your path. 


During your turn, you will be able to use the power to set one of the 6 characters to spy, bribe, take or steal money and murder your opponents…


If nobody queries your word, you will freely carry out your action, otherwise a bluffing duel will be pursued and one only shall remain alive. Will you be the last to survive?


a game by Rikki Tahta, illustrated by Naïade

for 2 to 8 players, from 8 years old - duration: 15 min

Includes: 24 character cards, 30 pieces, 8 game helps, the rules of the game.













Small specifications:


- anyone can can lay down a challenge (it is a lying by a third);

- a countering can only be done by the targeted player (which is logical) :

the “stolen” in the Captain case, the “murdered” in the Murderer case.

Particular situation: anybody in the foreigner Help case demanded by the Duchess.


Regarding the character selection, it happens at the same time as the choice of the targeted player: 

- well, I will pick two under my Captain’s will;

- you, I chose to kill you because my Murderer despises you.


When a character is face-turned visible, the power of this card only cannot be used anymore.


The other identical characters still hidden obviously keep their power active. 




Play as a team, or nearly…


In the basic virson of the game, Complots was cunning, vicious but not nasty enough !

With Saint-Barthelemy, you can now add treason to your games.


an expansion by Rikki Tahta, illustrated by Naïade

for 2 to 8 players, from 8 years old - duration : 15 min

Includes : 8 Character cards, 1 Hospice card,  the rules of thegame.


Base game required to play