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Calypso against the fisherman and the nasty shark.


For a very long time, specific specie of fish, the “all-colors”, has lived in perfect harmony within the paradisiacal river.


One day, an awful current took all younger fish towards an unknown land: THE OCEAN.


The brave CALYPSO decided to help them and bring them back safe and sound. CALYPSO is a memory game where your goal is to deliver as many fish as possible trapped and lost in a net in the middle of the Ocean. Avoid sharks and nets, and bring the right colored-fish in the middle of the path. Be focuses, there is a different fish on each side, and the board changes at each turn…


An ideal family game!!


a game by Max Gerchambeau, illustrated by Pierô 

from 2 to 6 players from 4 years old - duration 15 min

Includes: CALYPSO the brave fish, 30 little fish, a net, 7 big octagons for the path, 6 little octagons with a different fish on each side and one dice.



(coop rules included)