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A party game of deduction where the only limit is your own imagination!


A sordid and ludicrous crime has just been committed. Heavy suspicions are raised on two of the players, the suspects.


There is only one-way for them to get out: come up with a solid alibi to avoid prosecution. So, at the time of the crime…where were they?

To know, these two players pick an Alibi card (it is thus imposed) and they isolate for 3 minutes in order to imagine the questions the investigator will ask them and also agree on the answers they will give.


Example: the suspects pick the Alibi card: “At the fair… at 10pm”. They now need to imagine a plausible story around this alibi, to answer the absurd questions of the investigators.


Meanwhile, under the watchful eye of the Leader of the Game, the other players (the investigators) work on the questions they will ask the two suspects. These questions are about the supposedly alibi, and not on the committed crime, the presumed suspects being innocent by default and ignoring the stated crime.


Once the 3 minutes passed, the investigators question separately the two suspects, asking exactly the same questions.


Then comes the verdict, where the Leader of the Game and the investigators decide regarding the answers given by the suspects, if they are innocent (the answers match) or if they are guilty (few answers differ).


So what where your doing at the time of the crime? 


a co-produced game by Ferti and Le Scorpion Masqué, illustrated by Pierô.

from 5 to 20 players from 8 years old - duration: 20 min

Includes: 86 cards (32 crimes and 140 alibis with three levels of difficulty), the rules of the game with a full example.