Rapidity, Dexterity, Nerves of steel!!!


Le Tock - Ferti Classique

Le Tock - Ferti Classique

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The goal is to propel the fastest a maximum amount of discs across the hatch thanks to rubber bands in the opposite camp. But careful, your opponent is playing at the same time and is doing the same thing as you are! Wild games are waiting for you and will thrill both players and spectators. 

The creator, Jean-Marie ALBERT, offers us with LE PASSE-TRAPPE a speed dexterity game, stimulating and user-friendly that will make you have an unforgettable moment in a very electric atmosphere.

2 PLAYERs / 6+ / 15min

LE PASSE-TRAPPE, désigné communément sous la dénomination TABLE A ÉLASTIQUES, est destiné à tous les joueurs de 4 à 104 ans.