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Your Goal :  Use the Crossbow to know down the pins and be the first to reach exactly   70 points!


Place the pins into the start zone. 

Put the crossbow at the end of the board.

Take a sheet of paper and a pen to write down the scores. 


The rules are simple :

  • When a player knocks down one pin, he scores the number of points on
    the pin.

  • When a player knocks down several pins, he scores the number
    of fallen pins.

Put the pins upright on their bottom, at the place where they fell.


Carefull!  If a player scores more than 70 points, his score is lowered...


Use your skill!!


They can also tilt the crossbow up so as to hit a lob, provided that the crossbow’s handle always remains in contact with the board. The rails can be used to knock down pins.




A game by Patrick Piriou

for 2 to 16 players, 6+ - playing time : 15 min

Content : 1 wooden board (117x49cm), 12 pins, 1 crossbow & its elastic, 1 disc.

Zone de défense

The Rules

The Visuals